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17 Simple Tips For Vocal by Shah

  1. – buat senaman dan berenang
  2. – elakkan caffeine,makanan tenusu dan pedas serta masin
  3. – jangan merokok
  4. -sentiasa meminum air
  5. -anda demam?jangan menyanyi
  6. -ambil vitamin tambahan
  7. – elakkan bercakap banyak,rehatkan suara anda
  8. – tidur kasi cukup
  9. – jangan selalu menjerit-jerit
  10. – sebelum menyanyi cuba elakkan bercakap banyak sangat
  11. -warm-up suara setiap kali sebelum anda menyanyi
  12. – menyanyilah sentiasa kat mana-mana practise made perfect
  13. – bina stamina dalam rehearsal, excersice + sing other song, increase slowly.
  14. – practise should be by yourself.
  15. – isolate to work on a difficult part, dont sing whole song over and over.
  16. – start with the most difficult song dulu
  17. – rehat jika anda rasa ur voice is tired
  18. http://sprecords.wordpress.com/2008/08/20/17-simple-tips-for-vocal-by-shah/
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  1. noor
    19/02/2011 at 10:53 PM

    Assalam shah,

    i love to sing, been in competitions..tapi tk pernah menang top 3..thnx v much for yr tips..i will keep and follow yr advice shah..tq tq – norr

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